More on the Dragonlance debacle

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I am taking a page from the South Park boys. I am going to demand a full refund of $11.87 + sales tax. I have already sent an email to Will Meugniot, the director. If I hear anything back I will post it. Assuming that he simply ignores my email, which I fully expect him to do, I will have to explore other approaches.

It is possible that Will Meugniot has gone into hiding. Honestly, if my name was attached to the Dragonlance movie I would probably be somewhere in South Dakota desperately searching google for “how to I legally change my name and never be found by anyone”. Speaking of google… funny story. As of 1/16 if you google for the words “Dragonlance” “movie” and “review” look who is on the first page… ME! Who needs SEO? Not me.

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