Please note that I normally find John Dvorak to be not only very intelligent and thoughtful, but his forward-looking ideas sometimes border on precognition.

That said, however, I have to officially call THIS article a complete waste of time.

I have, on occasion, had the pleasure of using modern GPS units. Now, I don’t know what an ETAK Navigator is, but I am sure Woodrow Wilson or Calvin Coolidge might be able to enlighten me.

John, why would I want to “buy a friggin map” when a modern GPS such as a TomTom could do the work for me? Contemporary devices such as the TomTom or various newer Garmin models are so unbelievably comfortable to use, that after using one for any length of time, it is hard to consider how we did not have them in the first place.

Do I need a GPS to get me to and form work every day? Of course not, that would be a complete waste of technology – I know my daily drive pretty well at this point. That said, however, as many of us do, we often travel to new places, and a GPS would be a welcome addition to any car that I might buy in the future.

Oh, and John, seriously, do a little research first…

The voice itself needs to be changed. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for third-party vendors. For example, a bickering old lady would make a great voice for the thing. “Hey, don’t you think you’re going a little fast, sonny?” Or the voice of an out-and-out shrew. “Slow down, you idiot, there’s a left turn coming up!” “Turn left now, you moron!”

Then there is always the possibility of celebrity voices or cartoon characters such as Homer Simpson.

Guess what? Old news buddy…